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Know Not Why

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson 4.5 stars.

This was a great book, it felt very fresh to me. It has been done a lot, but some of the things I found really nice. The story was not really a romance, don't get me wrong there was a romance in it, just not the main feature of this book. It was more about Howie and his life and his relationships with his friends and family.

Howie was a "cool" character, who always believed he was straight. Even though others thought he was gay. It was kind of funny the way it always came up and he never considered it, then he meets Arthur and bam! He's gay. It was a struggle for him to accept, which brought the story on another bit.

This was written in a unique enough way. I kind of got lost once or twice, I'm Irish, so maybe it had something to do with it. But some of the time I was not really sure what Howie was saying. He was a bit childlike in a sense.

I could relate to him when he talked about his mom and how he felt about her, especially after his dad's death. The way he reacted to her dating, would be me if it ever happened. That was one aspect of the book I could really relate to.

This book has no sex, it's actually pretty PG considering everything it covers. Another thing I loved was the lack of homophobia. It was actually startling to read no homophobia in it. But it was also good too.

I loved the secondary characters, they were great. It tied the story in perfectly. Overall I would say this is a very good read. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a sweet romance, with a coming to terms with your sexuality story involved. :)