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The Telling

The Telling - Eden Winters This was a really nice story. I found this to be quite a good read and very insightful on the whole PTSD issue and dealing with the aftermath of war. While I have not got a lot of knowledge on the army or how soldiers cope afterwards this book felt real. It was not a quick fix or even really a true healing. But it was the progress that was reached during this book, I was glad at how the author dealt with these issues.

Micheal and Jay were such a sweet couple and the way they slowly got together was nice. I felt so sorry for Micheal. He was really struggling with how he felt and his guilt at the loss of some of his friends. Jimmy was the one who he struggled with the most. It was sad to hear of the loss, but again it was very realistic and felt right for the story. His character was stronger than he gave himself credit for.

Jay was just a sweetheart. He was the supportive, strong one who was such a wonderful person. He was what Micheal really needed. As far as MC's go he was well matched for Micheal. It was refreshing to hear how he fell in love with Micheal and how he was willing to stand by Micheal's side through his recovery. The fact that he had a few funny scenes was an added bonus.

The secondary characters were great and how everyone was handle was brilliant. I hated the step-father, but then he tied into the story very well. I would highly recommend this book. It was such a good read and I think everyone who reads this will enjoy it or take something from it when they put it down. :)