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Hearts - Anyta Sunday Hearts by Anyta Sunday is a lovely story.

After ten years together, Daniel’s boyfriend, Sam, leaves him. He’s brokenhearted, devastated and he doesn’t understand why. He goes to the fortune teller he saw twelve years prior, who warned him he would his heart would die in spring.

“Your heart will die searching for your lover in the green glow of spring.”

Kyle and Toby, a happy couple, move in next door to him. When they first meet he tries to warn them. He tries to tell them what the city does to people, about all the dead hearts. But they don’t listen to him. They believe he’s a crazy man.

A few months later Kyle leaves. And Toby is heartbroken.

Toby and Daniel start to hang out a lot more. Both men are heartbroken and confused. They loved their boyfriends and yet they still lost them.

They start spending time together. It was nice to see them talk and confide in each other about their failed relationships. It brought them closer together. And I think it’s when I really started getting into this story. Once Daniel and Toby start spending more time together, they decide to investigate the city, to see if it’s really to blame for their broken hearts.

Hearts Inside CoverThe more they search the less they find. They start to see that the city isn’t to blame and that’s when they start to see the beauty around them again. The painful memories are still there, especially for Daniel, but it doesn’t seem cursed anymore. It was nice to see the mood change and the happiness was definitely needed.

There were times this story was hard to read. It was beautifully written and the emotion was real and I felt a connection to the characters. But I think a little more happiness would have made me like this even more than I did.

If you read the end, you will see these men do get their well-deserved HEA.

“How did you revive your heart?”

4 stars!

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