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Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch - Kelley York This book stomped on my heart and tore me in half. It left me feeling extremely emotional, and it's definitely a book that will make some people cry.


I read this book and fell in love with the character Vince. He was someone who could appear unsympathetic and cruel. His life had not been easy and loss seemed to be all he knew. I found it hard to imagine a life where he was so unwanted. It was a heartbreaking way to start off the book. He sees suicide from the beginning, it's always there and become a part of him.

I feel in love with Casper after we met her. She was like a breath of fresh air in such a deep and emotional book. Her struggle with cancer and life was believable. Her parents and her issue with them made her seem like a normal person. Something not shown in books enough. Casper was a real character, and my favourite in the book. Her view of suicide was real and beautiful. Her reasons were to end the pain, the pain of a slow death.

Adam was harder to like at first. I didn't really see his struggles until later on and when I figured out his connection with Vince it was nice to see him develop. By the end I was hoping he would be in it more and he was so sweet. It was sad to think of how the three characters met. I would like to think of Adam as one of those hidden gems. Beautiful and loving, who just needs to be found in the big bad world.

Suicide Watch has a lot of power. It ripped my heart out and repaired it again. I was left knowing the outcome, but hoping and praying that I would get a proper HEA for all three MC's. It took my on a journey I had not been expecting. [a:Kelley York|4984908|Kelley York|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1377448199p2/4984908.jpg] wrote a beautiful YA novel that could pack a punch with anyone. I would not call this book light in any way. It's an insult to a book that draws the reader in and leaves them on the brink.

I knew Casper would die. When she asked Vince and Adam to help her I was almost crying. She wanted to Jump, just like the girl Vince saw. I was glad she didn't. But we know she probably took her own life.

The fact we get a deep insight into suicide might put a lot of people off. The truth is it's a real issue that needs to be addressed. I loved the way it was written here. I was left wanting so much and craving more. The ending was satisfying for the whole topic. I felt it was needed. If you take offense to the controversy, this would not be a book you should read. I had my eyes opened while reading and I am proud that I came out with a clearer picture in my head.

For some reason The Fray's How To Save A Life played in my head when I finished this book.

I could not read this book lightly. It's not something you read when you want to have a nice time. It's one of those we need to teach us. One that leaves us with a feeling of, what next? Suicide is a real issue and [b:Suicide Watch|17131230|Suicide Watch|Kelley York|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355768785s/17131230.jpg|22246056] is a heartbreaking and honest portray of that. No book about suicide has ever been so beautiful and brutally honest and yet could be read by anyone, of any age and could teach us all something.

Overall, I think this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It was such a powerful read and I wasn't able to put it down from the time I picked it up. Do I recommend this book? Honestly? I do. I really, really do. I think people will probably get something different from it and yes, it's depressing at times. But this is one of those books that needs to be read. It's tragic and beautiful and it just makes you feel. So there you go.