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Settling the Score

Settling the Score - Eden Winters I was not sure about this book at first. It was kind of I'll read it and see what I think, to be honest I was not expecting much at all. But this book really did impress me. I loved it. From the beginning of the book which had me wanting to punch Ryker in the face, to the ending where I was happily cheering.

I loved Joey. I just had to say that. He was such a sweet loving and somewhat foolish character. His naivety was endearing to me and I just wanted to give him a big hug through about 70% of this book. He just really needed a good cuddle a lot of the time. He was such a refreshing character to read about. There was nothing fancy about him. And Troy described him correctly as the most down to earth person. That was one thing he really did get right.

Troy, well he was a character I learned to fall in love with. By the end I had gotten there. But there were some parts I was not really that in love with him. He had his own issues and I did feel sorry for him after his reveal. It was kind of sad to see what the man had become. And although I was angry with him it did not last long. The funniest scene in the book was after he met Big Joe and drank Cousin Jake's homebrew, I couldn't stop laughing at that.

Overall I would recommend this book highly. It will not be for everybody. But it definitely was for me. :)