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A Tender Roughness

A Tender Roughness - Talia Carmichael I loved this book. It was so much better than the first one for me. I enjoyed the characters and the story and the build up of the relationship. The best part was the I hate you, but your hot, theme at the beginning. That was just fun for me. I always seem to enjoy stories like that.

Kincaid was just one of those characters that I loved immediately. He was not the sweet loving character at the beginning. He hated Alister and that was entertaining. I loved Alister because he was determined to end up with Kincaid. The way the relationship progressed was funny and their banter was really enjoyable.

I love Talia Carmichael's books. This is one series I think I will continue to read and enjoy and I hope there are a lot more books to come. :)