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Opposing Rhythms

Opposing Rhythms - Talia Carmichael I just have to say I loved Niall in the first book. The thing he does with Roarke's CD's has me chucking. I like the evil laugh kind of air he gets when he turns the CD's into different objects. That was just something I really wanted to see a lot more of.

The fact Niall and Roarke are the couple in this book made me fall in love with it before I read it. I just loved their dynamic and the way they fell in love. I would have love to have read more about when Niall still hated Roarke. But I thought this book was really well composed.

I really highly recommend this series. I had a good laugh at the second and this one. So I hope there will be more to come and more laughs as they are released. :)