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The Last Day Of Summer

The Last Day Of Summer - J.F.  Smith I love JF Smith and his books are a classic example of why I read m/m. He can take a character and when I would normally hate them his writing makes me love that character. What more can I say about that? Not much, it was amazing to have the chance to read a book where I could see a character grow and become a better person in the end. So much of this book had me laughing or saying, aw.

Rett was the main focus of this story. I know most people would have had issues with him. Personally, my heart broke for him. He was a man that had a lot taken from him and had not been shown much affection in his childhood. His struggles were his own fault, but I could see why and even understand why he was the way he was. It was beautiful to see his relationship with Corey develop and grown into something healing and truthful.

The Last Day Of Summer followed Rett and we got into his relationships. New and old ones. Good and bad ones and it was that, the relationships he had that made me fall in love with this book. Val, his best friend and only real friend was an interesting character. I'm not really sure I liked her. It will always be a maybe for me on whether I did or not. I could understand her frustration though, just not everything she said or did.

Cory, I loved Corey in [b:Falling Off the Face of the Earth|11611689|Falling Off the Face of the Earth|JF Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327453581s/11611689.jpg|16554493] and I loved him even more in this one. The way he was as a character was just wonderful and I thought he and Rett were perfect together. Even though there was a glitch, I had high hopes for these two. They suited each other so well and it was lovely to watch them grow and learn how to be with each other.

They did exactly what summer nights were meant for, and it came to both of them naturally.

Rett's father... I have to say that man, no matter what happens with a sequel or not, I will never, ever like him. Some may not hate him, others may. But, I am one that could never get past one thing in particular. To me, it was worse than if he had physically attacked Rett. That is just my opinion though. I have little left to say about that man.

Overall, I would say this book was amazing. JF is already a go-to author for me and I am super excited to read more of his future books. It would be incredible to see Cory and Rett sometime. I loved the pair and I could say that the ending satisfied me, but I still want more of them.

Highly, highly recommend this book!