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Special Needs

Special Needs - K.A. Merikan I had a really hard time with this book. For months I had been waiting and hoping for this book to be released. When I did finally get it, I was ecstatic. Now though, I'm not really sure why I was as excited about reading this. The cover was one of the main attractions. I love that cover, it's just... Wow, yeah... So...

There is a disabled character and I liked him. The cool thing was he was out and in need of a carer. So when he does the interviews he's honest about that. Ryan (the disabled character) had a decent sense of humor and I liked him, in the beginning. But as the book progressed I kind of got... I don't know, bored I guess? It was just not connecting with me after a while.

Then there's Liam. I normally don't read books with very slutty characters. Not that Liam was the biggest slut, but he had a thing for his bosses. Added to that he was bi, a bit of a turn off for me in his case. He lied about being gay in order to get the job. Plus he sucked at being a carer. I know he had to learn, blah, blah, blah. But for such an important job, you should have some experience, right?

There was a lot of drama. Liam trying to set Ryan up and then the guy being a weird freak etc... It kind of got old after a while. I was expecting the guy to be a jerk, little did I know what would happen, but right before... yeah, it became more or less obvious that he would do what he did.

The book ends... And there will be another one. One that I am willing to try. But I am hoping that it won't involve cheating, though I have my suspicions. This book is worth a read, I enjoyed the writing. It just wasn't my thing really.