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Where You Are

Where You Are - J.H. Trumble Where You Are by J.H. Trumble is a unique novel for me. I have read books and stories about student/teacher affairs before. But this one was more than that. It had a unique enough aspect to it, not everything was about sex. The fact this was a YA novel makes it even better in my opinion. This will probably be a controversial book. But I could see past the issues.

Andrew and Robert were the couple in this book. Andrew the teacher, divorced with a two year old daughter. His ex-wife (and former best friend) Maya was a character who I hated in this. Sometimes I wanted to slap her. But she was a fake woman, I felt pity for her boyfriend and Andrew. She screwed them around in every way possible. I could understand how she felt to an extent but she had some serious issues.

As a character I found Andrew to be interesting. He had a lot of potential and it was fulfilled. I pitied the situation he had been in and I really though (despite the issue with being Roberts teacher) that he was a good honorable man. He was also a good teacher, he did not chose to fall in love with Robert. But that is the beauty of love, we don't chose it, it chooses us.

Robert. Oh I felt so bad for Robert. He had not got an easy life. His father, I can say, I was glad he died. He sounded like the type of man that cared more about himself than his family. I loved his mom though. Robert had to deal with his father dying and falling in love with his teacher. He grew so much in this novel, it was surprising there was any time for the romance.

It was not very heavy when it comes to romance. It had romance in it. But it had so many aspects. I did love Andrew and Robert together. Even in the sadder scenes it was easy to feel for them. They had to lie, they had to hide and they had to hurt themselves and each other to be together. It was something I was glad we saw. It would have taken from the book if they had been the happy couple all the time.

I would highly recommend this wonderful novel. It has a great story, something controversial, that could be read by all ages. It was a favourite read of mine and I will definitely read it again.

Highly recommend this book!