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Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Sinners Gin is an amazing book. It had a lot of things I love in my m/m books and they were all done really well, in my personal opinion. Plus, there was a dog in this. So that was even more awesome!

Miki was a character I just wanted to hug. He lost basically everyone he cared about, the hardest loss being his best friend, Damien. Add being abused as a child, and you have a guy who really hasn't had a very good life. And now he's basically isolated himself from the world and he's alone. Until he meets Kane, of course.

I loved Kane. He was everything Miki needed and more. He was strong, loyal and sexy, which was what made me fall in love with him as a character. Oh, and he's an Irish/American guy that comes from a big Irish family. Bonus points for that.

And Donal, Kane's dad, was amazing. I loved him so much, possibly more than the MC's.

The story was really good. Of course, I love mystery stories and cops, so that shouldn't be a huge surprise. I also like darker books and books where characters have hard backgrounds. There's just something about stories like those that I can connect to.

I want to mention the ending, too. It was definitely a shock, and a good one, too. Basically, the ending opens the door for the sequel. But I won't spoil it, so you're not getting more from me. Just know, it was a shock.