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Signed and Sealed

Signed and Sealed - B.A. Stretke Loved it, simply just loved it.

I actually thought I would hate this book. But in reality I loved it so much. Admittedly it's not for everyone, and anyone who hates sometimes random things will hate this, but I for one loved it. The plot and characters were great.

I am a huge fan of drama. And this was one of those books that had subtle drama. Not everyone would label it dramatic, but that is how I felt about it.

Will and Eli were completely different. Will was the sweet, but temperamental pushover, and Eli was the hard hearted, strong willed ice man. But the two of them together created something Will was both afraid of and skeptical of.

The plot of being held for collateral was not my favourite. Katrina was the reason for that and although I hated her character, it made the story something enjoyable. I was not a huge fan of Eli for a while, but he really loved Will.

There were some nice scenes and the characters fitted into the story well. Everything worked out. I would recommend this to most people but it's not for everyone.