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Covet Thy Neighbor

Covet Thy Neighbor - L.A. Witt I loved this book. So far I've only read books 3 & 4 but this was definitely the one I preferred. Loved Seth, I adored him and even when he was being harsh, I loved him. It was interesting to read his views as an Atheist. I have always had a spot for books where Religion is questioned and not just preached about. This one did that well.

Darren and Seth together was an interesting combination. I always find the differences between characters in books can be one of the best parts of a story. It's a lot like real life to be honest. Opposites attract, but Seth and Darren were not as opposite as people would have presumed. That instantly drew me in.

The story was really hot at times. The MC's chemistry jumped out at me several times and for me I was glad. I loved both MC's as individuals, but when it all boiled down to it I enjoyed them as a couple. Nothing really irked me when they were together and that was good, they talked a lot and it helped me.

The scenes at the church with the teenagers was sweet. If I am being honest it could have been my favourite scene. I loved Seth's interaction while he was there and the way he helped the girl was lovely. He even managed to shock Darren, that was a nice surprise to see.

I'm not sure everyone will love this book. It goes into religion a lot which can irritate people, but it depends if you are against religion in books or not. I liked it in this case because it was part of the MC's and their troubled past. It opened the story a lot for me and connected the MC's.

Highly recommend this book!