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Never a Hero

Never a Hero - Marie Sexton 4.5 stars rounded down.

I liked this book and it had some really good points to it. For fan's of the series it is a must. I just didn't love this book. There were a few things that annoyed me and it stopped me from giving it five stars. But that doesn't mean everyone will dislike the book, it just means that, for me, it was not the greatest book ever.

Owen and Nick started out well and you could easily tell they wanted each other. Owen, a virgin was very shy. He hated his stutter and his missing arm. Nick had no issues with that because of his sister, who also was missing an arm. I loved the way they started and it warmed my heart to see Owen finally realise his bitch of a mother was not right about him. She was emotionally abusive to him.

It all went downhill for me after their first encounter.Nick's positive and didn't tell Owen until after. The term he used to describe how he ended up that way annoys me 70% of the time. Unless in a joking manner I hate that phrase. Added to that Owen being a virgin and that bombshell, it annoyed me and I don't really know why.

The way Owen's father dealt with his mother was good and the revelation that he might be gay too and had a relationship with a man made me laugh, I will admit that. Although, I would have liked a bigger ending for Owen's mother. She was a right bitch and I wanted to see her embarrassed and for Owen and his dad to get their own back.

Overall I can say I liked the book. I just wish it hadn't gotten to me with some of the plot holes. I did enjoy it, but the theme for me was not fitting to the characters.

A must read for fans of the series.