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A Volatile Range

A Volatile Range - Andrew  Grey My favourite book out of the three I have read. This was amazing for me. There was a tiny let down, the inconsistency's of the series got to me, but not enough to take from this book. The one thing I have noticed about this series is that is can have some great characters. Out of all the characters that I have read in the series Gordon would be my favourite. I just loved him.

I was more worried about this one when I started reading it than any of them in the series. Mario was still hung up on David. It got to me a bit. But I was happy when. When David came back Mario chose Gordon. That made me very happy which is why I loved this book so much.

There were some very hot scenes in this and for me it was the nicest book out of the three I have read. I really got a connection with both MC's and them as a couple. They were there through the tough times and the good times.

Two characters I would love to have met were Bottles and Stacks. It would have really added to the story if they had been in it. But unfortunately they wont be in any of the books. That kind of made me sad they sound like they would have been amazing characters.

I would love to see a short story of these guys. I really would they are my favourite couple from the series. Loved them! Highly recommend this book and it could be read as a stand alone novel. It has that kind of distance to it.