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Where He Ends and I Begin

Where He Ends and I Begin - Cardeno C. This book gets 3 stars from me. While I am a fan of the sappy romance and a book that has a good mixture of sex scenes and regular scenes this was not a favourite of mine. I liked it enough and I really wanted to like it more. But there were just some aspects that were not really for me.

The story itself is a personal favourite of mine. Two friends that have been in love with each other for years finally get together. Add the gay for you and I am hooked. But while all that was lovely and you get a real idea of the characters emotions this could have been better.

Some of the time I wondered how a character could have done that. Or how a character could have said those things. They should have gotten together sooner in my opinion. It would have made the characters a bit more likable. Less would have gotten in the way and it would have made a slight bit more sense.

Saying that I loved the bond between the MC's. Born on the same day and together ever since was really sweet. I could not have found anything sweeter. That and the fact they both share the same first memory. That is just adorable and stole my heart. They were an adorable sexy couple which I really enjoyed.

I wont comment on their daughter. That was something not done to my taste but others might love it. I really recommend this book to those sappy romance fans out there. If you're not, this book may make you ill.