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By the Creek

By the Creek - Geoff Laughton Lovely, beautiful read.

By the Creek was a very sweet YA mm novel. It had such a lovely story, one that I have not read before in YA. It had an Amish character and an "English" character. Benjamin and David were a really strange couple in a lot of ways, but I loved them together. As far as YA stories come, this is one of the most YA I think I've ever read.

There were zero sex scenes. Benjamin and David did kiss, they groped each other a bit, but mostly it was just about the love they shared. It was innocent in a lot of ways. Even David, the "English" character was very naive towards the relationship. The beauty with the boys was there was no pressure for more. They took things at a slow pace and it was heartwarming to read.

The Amish theme in the story was strong. I hated Benjamin's father. For a man who was so into being one with God, he was a very judgmental man. I am not an overly religious person. But I can say that I do believe God loves us, and that he would want us to love everyone no matter what gender, age, race and sexual identity.

One thing I connected with David about was the loss of a parent. I was younger than he was when I lost my dad, but the same feelings are there. Our feelings were the same when it came to the possibility of having a step-dad. I loved connecting with the character when it came to that.

Overall I would have to say that this is a wonderful YA novel. If someone wanted to read an mm book for the first time, this would be a great book to start on. It is very easy to read and I believe it could be read at any age and enjoyed. Simplicity is the key to this book and I really enjoyed that.

Highly recommend this!