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Collusion - Eden Winters Lucy and Bo are back. I was so happy when I saw this sequel pop up, I had wanted more since I read the first book. This was a great sequel. I am falling more in love with these men and I keep wanting to see more. I really hope I do get to read more from these boys again. The sequel left me wanting more. Eden Winters has a way of making me very happy if she continues the way she did with this one. I am such a fan girl right now.

Lucky and Bo are polar opposites. Yet, I can feel the attraction when I read these books. I love the way their relationship works. It leaves me feeling happy when I realise they love each other, even when Lucky is being stubborn. The fact they got so far by the end had me doing a happy dance. I wanted to hear that for so long it wasn't even funny.

Lucy is still my favourite, but Bo will always be loved too. The plot in this was slightly better than the first one. They fought quite a bit in this, but I knew it was because they cared deep down. I think the drugs plot wont get old with this series because it really does interest me how far they can go with them.

Highly recommend this one!