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The Only Easy Day

The Only Easy Day - R.J. Scott The Only Easy Day is the second book in the Sanctuary series by R.J. Scott. This was my favourite one of the series and if I'm honest Joseph and Dale are one of my favourite couples ever. It's not heavy on the romance in this one. But you get the connection and the cool action in this. It was hot in my personal opinion.

Joseph and Dale were very easy characters to get into. I loved both personalities and they had a lot of chemistry. They started out as sort of enemies and it grew into lust, and eventually love. Normally, I like a few more intimate moments in a book, this had a smaller amount of that, but I didn't care. Maybe my reasoning for that is I really got into the couple and just wanted them to do something. It would have been funny to watch me reading these two, I was on edge.

In the first book we found out Morgan saw the death of a woman. Joseph was that woman's step-brother and he wanted to find out what happened. So the story starts with him coming home from a mission. Joseph is a SEAL, and Dale an ex-SEAL. He tracks down Morgan after Dale, Nik and Morgan set him up so they could meet. We then get into the whole Bullen saga and it gets somewhat complicated, but I found it easy to follow along.


The book had some hot moments and very frustrating ones. I loved the sexual tension in this one, it oozed passion and heat. I wanted one of the characters to just rip the others clothes off. I was getting frustrated (in a good way) waiting for someone to kiss and when they did finally kiss, it was short and perfect. The sex was sappier than a lot of people would have believed and I loved the mixture of passion and sap.

I really can't say enough about how much I really did enjoy this book. We will be getting a sequel to it and it's needed. The way we were left with these two had me screaming at the top of my lungs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO But that might just be me! Yeah, I'm willing to admit, I get too invested in my books and couples.

Highly recommend this series!