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Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun - Meredith Russell, R.J. Scott Warning, this book is as sappy as they come.

I am a huge R.J. fan and this was no exception. Follow The Sun is great for all those who, like me, enjoy a lot of sap. It was angst free and drama free as far as I was concerned. The wedding setting was really nice and helped to set the romantic mood for me. Did I mention I was a fan of sap?

Lucas and Dylan were sweet together. Lucas the stuffy business man with a sad look in his eyes and Dylan the free spirit. But when the two come together it's the perfect mix of sappy and romantic. I enjoyed watching them fall for one another. Their clumsiness was really endearing, and they just seemed to fit together.

Tasha, Lucas' sister was really a great secondary character. She added some fun to the story, the fact she and Lucas were the small little family they were, warmed my heart. It was great the way she was so loving and supportive of her brother.

I think the series has a lot of potential, and if all the books go in a similar direction to this I will be incredibly happy. Follow the sun was a really nice comfort read and a perfect book to read on my birthday.

Highly recommend it!