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Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide - R.J. Scott Worlds Collide is the seventh book in RJ Scott’s Sanctuary series. Now, as people may know from my reviews and ratings, I love this series. It has a lot of the things I love, while still giving a great story. I wouldn’t say the books are always the most emotional (which I normally go for). But these do offer you the chance to see tough guys fall in love at first sight.

Dale and Joseph are the couple from The Only Easy Day. They return here for the chance at a HEA. It was amazing that we got the chance to see them together, actually together. Of course it was a battle getting them there. There was a bomb, hostage situation and of course their normal lives, but they did get their time. Some very hot, steamy time.

One thing I love about this series, and it might be me, but I love getting another piece of the puzzle in the Bullen case. Every book chips away at what happened, and what is going on with them. In this case we get the badass Emily Bullen, who people think is the innocent wife who just got caught in the crossfire. Yeah, right! She’s the brains, I did laugh, I will admit, when that came out. I love a good strong female, whether good or bad.

The hero complex in Joseph and Dale could have killed me, never mind them. They have the ability to get themselves in danger, without really trying. That is very worrying for people like me who want them to have long, happy lives. Not to be cut short with a bullet to the brain.

If you like more sappy, or in this case, romantic scenes, then you will love this book. I am a huge fan of sap and romance, I actually crave it. But this series isn’t normally as lovey dovey as others. This book was though, and it wasn’t overly gooey, it was just the right amount of loveliness for this couple. Two macho tough guys who aren’t afraid to express their feelings? Yes please! That is what I love to read and that is what I got.

The twist with Jake’s parents didn’t come as a surprise. It was (for me) building up to happen. I had my suspicions, but I do hope for another book or two so we can deal with that. For Jake especially, he deserves to know the truth, and Kayden. I don’t want to see them getting hurt, but I am desperate to know what happened and how Jake will react. I have my own theory in my head. Beginning with, O. But we shall see what happens.

For fans of the series this is a must read. I could not tell you how much I love this series. We get too see a lot of the other characters in this one. We also meet new guys and get a really great continuation. I adored this book and it was worth the wait, but it just made me go crazy when I started reading it. I recommend this series to everyone. Fans of RJ will especially love this.

Go read this series, it’s one of the many reasons I love RJ!!!