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A Fostered Love

A Fostered Love - Cameron Dane This book was hot. Lots of steamy sex in this one!

I have to start off by saying I have read Cameron Dane books before. This would be in my favourites from him. A Fostered Love is full of hot sex, sweet enough characters and a great plot. Jonah and Christan's story will not be for everyone, some might find the sex too much, others wont like the story. But I found this to be a brilliant book.

Jonah and Christian met as teenagers. They were foster brothers. Jonah was the "troubled teen" and Christian the "good little boy". No relationship stated then, but they had a friendship. One that ended when Jonah was arrested. I liked the way their past was described. It gave me something to base their foundation on.

I found myself liking Jonah more than Christian in this. He had been through more in a lot of ways and because he was conflicted a lot, I found myself with a lot of sympathy for him. Christian had his struggles too. The present day one kind of made me want to slap something (or someone). But how everything was dealt with was great.

Overall I would say this was a very good entertaining book. I wont be reading the next one because mmf is not my thing. But for all Cameron Dane fans or fans of mm romance, try this!