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Tell Me It's Real

Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune I loved this book. It was sweet, funny, sad and witty all in one story. There were scenes in this where I laughed so hard my jaws ached. Other scenes had me nervous and one scene in particular gave me a mini heart attack.

This book was told from Paul's first person POV. I loved his head, but sometimes he did annoy me just a bit. That was more at the end of the book though, for the most part I found him really cute. I just wish he had sounded as intelligent as he was described in the book. Sometimes I did question that.

Vice, well Vince was the kind of dumb attractive guy. But I really did love him. As Paul pointed out, he was smarter than people gave him credit for. Just because he wasn't book smart didn't make him as dumb as a plank. Sometimes he was more mature than Paul and that made me laugh as well.

The story was nice but wont be everyone's taste. It is very cheesy and has a lot of humor, the type of humor not everyone will get. But I can honestly say I enjoyed reading this book. T.J. Klune did a great job with these two MC's.

Paul's family was another point I loved. The parrot, the grandmother and the parents. Oh how I loved them. They added a sense of real love for me in this. They accepted Paul and went a bit over the top with their "acceptance" of him being gay.

I can honestly say I would highly recommend this book. Be warned that it could annoy you and even if you love it like I did. You will find something to annoy you. But for me anyway, the annoyance was good and helped me enjoy the book.