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Breaking Point

Breaking Point - Shane  Brown Breaking Point is a sweet book about coming out. But, it is also about the dreaded B word. Bullying. In this book we meet several different characters. Some of whom I loved, admired and wanted more of. Others I could have slapped (Jason being the main one). It's based in the UK and tells a very realistic account of bullying.

James and Paul were the teenage couple in this. As a couple I liked them. I found it hard to stay mad at Paul, he had suffered more than his fair share, even James realised that in the end. They were sweet together, even when they had their ups and downs. The other couple was one of the teachers relationship. He was a good man and I would love a teacher like him when I was in primary school.

The bullying in this was extreme. I wont deny that, but it also showed how bad it gets. Being bullied by seven students myself at one point, I know the feeling of being ganged up on. It was a pity the conclusion doesn't happen more, but the bullying itself was very well done. The first account of the bullying for me, was the worst in the book.

This book should be brought into schools. I would love to see teachers introducing this book and others like it. I admire Shane Brown for his account of bullying. I would honestly say he did a great job at highlighting the controversial topic in this book. Highly recommend this book.