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Book Fair

Book Fair - Michael          Murphy I am still smiling two hours after reading this book.

Book Fair by Michael Murphy is one of those sweet and funny books that has left me with a smile on my face. The first chapter was funny and all the way through the book I found myself smiling. One thing I will warn people about is Insta-Love. This book has Insta-Love in it. But I enjoyed it either way.

Jacob and Toni were adorable together. I loved how they met. To be honest I laughed through their first scenes together. They were just too funny and cute together. I never thought I never imagined when I picked this up that I would love it so much after the very first chapter. And it's true, before the first chapter ended I loved this book.

Anna was an amazing secondary character. I think she was really well written and her acceptance of her son was so lovely. I loved her spunk and the "real Italian woman" way about her. She was loud and proud of her son. I would never cross her and I felt bad for her brother when he pissed her off.

I highly recommend this book. I do not think I could give it enough stars. But I promise a laugh with this if nothing else.