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The Best

The Best - Tinnean Sweet, sappy and just my thing. Tinnean is an author I love. I have loved the Spy Vs. Spook series since I started reading it, and now this is another of her stories that gets 5 stars. I loved the characters and although I was a tiny bit skeptical in the beginning, this book made me fall in love and hum happily while I was reading it.

One thing I loved about Ransom more than almost anything was he was big into monogamy. He would dump you like a hot potato for a kiss, even if it was just a kiss. That is something I fell in love with him for. It made me hopeful for no cheating, and I got it in return. The second reason I loved him was he treated Parrish like a king. I was uncomfortable in the beginning with Ransom buying Parrish so much. But I just melted, especially in the end. That scene was perfect.

Parrish, I felt sorry for him for a lot of reasons. But, I also admired him. He wanted to work, he wanted to be treated as an equal and in turn he found the love of his life. I was so happy for him when Ransom planned his little surprise. I laughed so hard when he was in Felicia's house. Oh God, the humor in that scene. I'm surprised I wasn't taken away in a straight jacket. Not too many men want to watch the birth of twins.

The way the secondary characters were tied into the scene made me love this book even more. Some of the book wouldn't have been the same without Felicia, Philip or Alex. I really loved the smaller parts they played in the story.

Highly recommend this to all fans of a little sappy romance. This book made me very happy. I'm still smiling typing this review.