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An Unconventional Union

An Unconventional Union - Scotty Cade This book has broken my heart into a million tiny pieces, but I am so happy I read it.

An Unconventional Union is the sequel to An Unconventional Courtship. This book gave us more Webber and Tristan. It brought us more of those amazing secondary characters. But it broke my heart and has left me feeling very emotional.

This book is after the marriage proposal, and yes they get married. We are introduced to Tristan's younger brother and his partner. We get to see more Webber and Tristan and we get to see a pregnant Deena. It made me smile how sappy this book was. I am always a fan of sap. I always will be.

The sadness in this book I predicted from a certain point. But that does not mean I enjoyed it coming true. It was so heartbreaking for me and I don't know why. I just hated that it happened. But the sign's were there. I just wished I had been wrong. So many times I wanted to ask why?

I wonder if there will be a sequel? In one sense I would love more, in another it wouldn't be the same. I will read a sequel though if it has these two wonderful characters. I would not miss it.

Highly recommend this for those who read the first one and loved it.