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Stalker - R.D. Hero This book confused me and left me feeling kind of strange. I didn't hate the book, that would be an overly strong word for what I thought of the book. BDSM is not my thing, I can take small bits of it. Stalker was just too much for me in the one go. The spanking and the dom/sub theme was over the top for me.

For ages this did not feel like a romance, it felt more like a sex for sex sake kind of book. Both characters creeped me out at some point and that left me more than uncomfortable. Saying that I liked/felt bad for Pacer. He really did like Able.

The ending is more HFN if that. It has the potential for a sequel, one I'm not too sure if I'll read. I would say this is a book for fans of BDSM and who don't want a sappy romance. That would be who I think would love this book.