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Bullied - Jeff Erno Heartbreaking, Beautiful, Honest

Bullied is a collection of seven short stories about bullying. Each are unique unto themselves. Some are about the bullied kids, others about the bullies, some have a mixture of the two and also one from the POV of the mother. They are all woven together to create a wonderful book that I am so glad I read.

One thing I feel I must say is that not all of these end happily. Not all the characters move on from High School and life is perfect. It would not be honest if that happened all the time. What I can say is that no matter what story you read, you will find your heart aching for one or more of these characters.

Jeff Erno has managed to write this book perfectly. Most authors would never release a book solely about the affects of bullying and how bullying can affect everyone. It's about homophobia, fitting in, making friends, losing friends, hurting and heartbreak. I did not find one story that disappointed in this book.

If bullying is a sore spot for you then I suggest reading one story at a time. Or taking a break and spreading out your reading of the book. Some may find it too upsetting to read in the one sitting. I am not one to put a book down so I find it easier to read at once and deal with the emotion after.

Highly recommend this book! Not enough can be said about this book and the impact it can have on people.