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Breaking News - Michael          Murphy I have loved the first two books I read by Michael Murphy [b:Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees|15750258|Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees|Michael Murphy|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1342209783s/15750258.jpg|21443916] being the first and [b:Book Fair|17252631|Book Fair|Michael Murphy|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358283278s/17252631.jpg|23843236] being the second. This one did not live up to those two for me. The romance was at the very end and that annoyed me. I like to actually feel the romance in a book.

Cole and Marco had a "friendship" during the book. It started off as easy and Cole was attracted to Marco, but he never acted on it because Marco wasn't gay. You could feel the fact he wanted him and I guessed really early on that Marco harbored feelings for Cole. It was quite obvious in the story and it was sweet.

This book was really political which wasn't a problem for me. It would be for some, my issue was I wanted to read a romance and had the romance been equal to the political aspect I would not have had an issue. To me it felt like 80% political and 20% romance. And that's only because he mentions Marco and because of those blind dates. Reality it was only like 5% romance.

While I normally don't complain about the romance not taking center stage I like more than one actual scene. Yep, that was it 1! My favourite part(s) were Riley, Cole's dog, Sarah, I just loved her and she added some humor and the letter Marco left Cole. It was sweet and really heartfelt. Unfortunately I cannot really say much else.