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Color of Grace

Color of Grace - A.M. Arthur This was so much better than the first one. I loved Barrett and Sky, they made a really nice couple and it was nice to see two men, both with pain in their past's find a way of helping each other. I had put off reading this because of the first one, but I am sad now I did. This just captivated me.

Barrett had a trying past to say the least. He was an interesting character for me. He was also my favourite MC. His struggled hit close to home for me and the fact he was sober made me fall in love with him. His illness and past experiences were tough to read. I could see a family member of mine in him in a lot of ways.

Sky was harder for me to connect to. His pain was just as real though, but I am not sure how much I could relate to him. He's not the character I would have put with Barrett at first, A.M. Arthur made it work though. I was surprised at how well it did work.

The story itself for me was fairly YA. There was not a lot of hot sex in this one. Both MC's had issues with that. But there was sex in this book. Just not the most erotic sex in the world. It was nice for a change though, I was able to enjoy the story with it.

Highly recommend this book. It can be read on it's own and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.