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Heartless - J.  Roman 4.5 stars!

I am rating this as a 16 year old girl who loves the m/m genre. I want to start off by saying this would not be for anyone immature of not capable of reading a serious matter. This book has some very serious issues brought up and I think it would not be good to read this if you were unable to handle more serious themes.

I am one of the first to say I never hated Jason. He was a jerk and an idiot through the majority of the book, but he was broken. His private life was very difficult and with Jonathan (his step-father) it was made even more complicated and very disturbing. To say Jason took his problems out on others was an understatement. He was not good to people and for the most part seemed almost abusive in his own right. Of course I was not happy with his actions. But from what I understand it's normal enough behavior in the situation.

Next we have Tommy. With Tommy I had some niggles. He was portrayed as the good guy through the book. It irritated me slightly because he treated Jason as bad as Jason treated him. If you read the book you would understand why Jason did what he did to Tommy. It was something I easily overlooked. Tommy's support was the reason I loved him, not because he was the good guy who did no wrong, but because he supported and loved Jason when he found out what was going on.

As a couple I could feel the love, but not necessarily the attraction. It kind of felt like I was waiting for something to happen or be told about something off scream that would allow me to see a stronger attraction. Does that make sense? Probably not, I loved it though. As a couple the support and love was there so I can't really complain.

In the book my favourite character had to be Kevin. He was a great secondary character and one that I wanted to be in more. His type of character always attracts me. It was sweet his relationship with Jason and the way his support never wavered. There were a few good supporting characters and others I wanted to throw off a building or under a train.

My last thoughts are that this book won't appeal to a large majority. For many reasons, it should be given a go though and that the ending should not put people off. There is a second book in the series.