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Clueless - J.  Roman 4.5 stars!

We have the second book in the Keeping Secrets series. This book had a POV switch and it was really needed. We not have Tommy's view of things and his inner monologue so it was good to have his stance on things. It was still a more mature YA though.

For me Tommy is a very strong character. I say that with a feeling that he started off weak. His need to help ruined his strength to a degree and he needed to accept a lot before his strength grew. He finally snapped in this one and though it was welcome I felt that he could have dealt with things a bit better at times. Saying that he is only 17 and has a lot of growing and learning to do. His own issues were dealt with and we understood more of his feelings when it comes to his more unique family.

Jason, well Jason had a lot of things going on that lead to his ultimate reveal. It was heart-wrenching to read and I was overjoyed that his secrets were spilled. I hated one of his decisions when it came to Tommy and for me it was the worst thing he had done to date. I hope with the reveal we won't have any more of that if there is a third book in the series. Personal growth occurred in this for both characters in different ways.

The relationship was something that made it hard for me to decide on my rating. A lot happened both individually and for them as a couple. One of the major things left me wondering if it was good for them to stay together. But my true romantic at heart came out and I was able to say it was how it should be.

I still love Kevin and would love to see more of him. He is a great brother and his support and love is refreshing in a series like this. I always wanted younger gay teens to have a strong relationship with a non-related male. Kevin and Jason are my reason why and if you read these books you will see what I am talking about.

My final thoughts are this is a very tough series. I think we need more from the boys and their family and friends. We need a proper HEA or there would be no real point.