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The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay I don't normally read Fan Fiction, but this came highly recommended to me by more than one person. So I added the book. Now, I'm really glad I added it.

The is such a fun story and I'm surprised at how easy it is to read. Normally a book of this length can feel longer, even for me. But it feels like it's barely a hundred pages, yet you know it is longer because of the pace.

I started out thinking this would (maybe) be an enemies to lovers. But that soon changed when Merlin and Arthur met. And this is my first anything to do with these two, so I had no real expectations. I didn't have hopes for something to be similar to anything. And I'm kind of glad, because this was a really good read. The college aspect, the magic aspect, and the relationships aspect were all really story. The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 is because I didn't fall head over heels in love with the story.

Still, this is a really fun read. It is definitely one I will read again some day and I would really recommend it to people who might want to try something a bit different.