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Looks Over

Looks Over - Rose Christo Looks Over was another great YA book, and the second in the Gives Light series. In my opinion, the flow of the book was amazing. Rose Christo has an amazing talent for writing great stories and this is an example of how great YA can be. She has a God-given talent for writing and storytelling in general. I am one of this series biggest fans and I am so glad I found it.

Something that made me smile was the fact we got more into Paul’s return. This book didn’t start off like a standalone. It was still in keeping with the first book while moving on with other issues. My favourite old witch, Catherine, was just as much a pleasure as she was in book one. Maybe even a bit more so. But no matter what she is doing, I love her. She was definitely one of the most memorable secondary characters in the series for me. There was also a family secret that would break your heart, I felt bad for poor Skylar, but his family was awesome.

Mrs. Red Clay chatted for a while with Granny. She didn’t stay very long. Granny saw her to the front door and sighed when she had gone.    

“If I didn’t love you so much, I’d let that little hussy take you wherever she wants. She’s infuriating!”

I was incredibly flattered.

One thing I admired about these books is the writing. It’s a beautifully written book and has an amazing plot too. There isn’t a lack of a good story or good writing. This one has both, which can be rare. The plot can seem a little depressing at times I guess. But I never felt dragged down by this book. Or the series. The plot wasn’t all doom and gloom. It just happened to deal with some serious topics, but it didn’t impact the book. And not once did it feel like I was being preached to, about anything. I was simply learning while I read.

Something that’s highlighted in this book is how badly Natives are treated. When the cops took Skylar away and he was placed in care, it was like reading something so absurd you couldn’t believe it would really happen. But it does, and Rose Christo told that part so well. It wasn’t brushed under the carpet and left hanging open. She addressed everything that came up. I was anxious for someone to save him, and who else but Rafael could do it? I loved his ability to say something so huge as “I love you” during a rescue scene. Normally, it would probably annoy me. But it was Rafael and that meant it was totally something the character would have done.

He reached for me, his hands finding my hips; he kissed me, sudden and ravenous, desperate even, and my arms slid around his neck and my hands tangled in his hair, because this was home away from home, because my body, singing with reprieve, begged me to belong to his.

Then, just as sudden, he pulled back and hugged me.

“I love you, too.”

I found what I was looking for and stuffed it into his hands.

He examined it in silence.

I loved Skylar and Rafael’s love story. It was not a book about teenagers needing to experiment or even one full of relationship angst. It was not about two horny teenagers who had sex day in and day out. They didn’t have sex in this or the first book. That never really came up. What did come up was Skylar realising he loved Rafael and Rafael admitting to Skylar that he loved him too. No words had to be spoken on Skylar’s behalf. Rafael knew. Just like deep, deep down, Skylar knew. They make the perfect couple in that respect.

Rafael’s face lit up in an irresistible grin. He wrapped the willow string twice around his wrist.  

“Dumbass,” he said.

Something that made me very emotional was a scene between Skylar and his dad. It broke my heart to see Skylar realise a huge secret that lead to the attack on him and his mother. I did kind of see it coming in a sense. It probably should have blindsided me but it didn’t. There was always something a bit off. Maybe that wasn’t the first thing I thought of, but it was definitely something in the back of my mind when I was reading. Skylar had a lot to deal with in this book. Not only was he taken from his home and his family, but a huge family secret was revealed. He could have fallen apart but he didn’t and it shows how strong he actually is as a character.

This series is best read as a series. You couldn’t really pick up this book and start reading without reading Gives Light first. Some people don’t like that in a series. But I found the romance progressed naturally throughout the four books. Nothing was rushed or felt forced. Skylar and Rafael had time to form a bond and start something in the first book. Here, they had the chance to explore everything a bit more. Their feelings had the chance to grow. The plot never got boring for me. There were some moments I worried, but I never felt like giving up or putting the book down. It was captivating and thought provoking. Nothing was dull and boring.

Looks Over is an important book in the series and I highly recommend it to all fans of the first book.

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