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Why the Star Stands Still

Why the Star Stands Still - Rose Christo Why the Stars Stand Still is the final book in the Gives Light series by Rose Christo. I am practically crying while I write this review. I was so sad when I realised this was the final book. It feels too soon. I don’t want this series to end. But I know it has to end somewhere and I am thoroughly impressed with how this book and the series as a whole has ended. This is definitely a series that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

We catch up with most of the characters again. Though there was one that was sadly missed by me. It was sad that Catherine wasn’t in the book. I was actually sad when I read about her dying. But I guess that’s a good thing because it shows how amazing this book really is. She was old, though, so it wasn’t the biggest surprise in the world. But it didn’t make the news any easier on me and I wanted to go back and read some of the first book again. I didn’t love her at first but when she was gone, I really did miss her. And I think it was the only thing I would have changed about this book.

Paul’s return also happened on-page in this book. It was nice seeing him back. His return was definitely needed and the fact it was on-page was even better. Of course, that’s just my opinion. But to see him start over again after a decade of being away from his family and friends, it was nice to see how he worked through the issues he had with being on the outside.

“Cubby,” Dad said, and reached for me.

I felt like a child again. I put my arms around him; I hugged him as tightly as I knew how. His arms wrapped around me, arms that used to make me feel small, and safe. I could feel tremors in his arms.

My father used to be a strong man.

With this book being set ten years after the last book ended, of course things were going to be different. Skylar was different. Rafael was different. Their relationship with each other and the people around them was different. Things had matured for them as a couple. They were married, trying to adopt a child. It was all very grown up. But the YA aspect still worked for them. In fact, I don’t know if I would have liked this book had the author written it as erotica. The couple aren’t really that type of couple in my mind.

Also, I found it nice that Skylar had gained a bit of weight in the ten years between this book and the last one. It was very realistic. Plus it showed that not all couples stay together because of looks. I’m not saying he was less attractive. But the weight didn’t seem to make a different to Rafael. He and Skylar were still very much the strong couple that adored each other as they were in St. Claire. Even during the tough times, which were mentioned a couple of times, they stayed together and never allowed something to tear them apart.

Then we had Mickey. She wasn’t what I would have pictured when I imagined them with a daughter. But that wasn’t a bad thing either. She was like Rafael to a degree, but she was a lot more blunt than he ever was, especially with Skylar and the way he looked. She was, however, very refreshing for the story and her anger brought me back to the old Rafael. In the end, I did come to realise she was the perfect daughter for them. She actually completed their family in a way I never thought she would. It was like they were meant to be her parents.

“Wait,” Michaela said, screwing up her face. She turned on me. “Your dad’s Indian. Your mom’s black. Why are you white?”  

“Why?” I asked. “Why not?”

I can’t say much more about Skylar and Rafael as a couple, or people will get annoyed with hearing about them. But let’s just say I was thrilled with them here. They were still as lovely, adorable, and sweet as ever. And Rafael was still himself. He didn’t change much as he got older. He might have mellowed a small bit. But he still adored Skylar; he still understood what Skylar wanted. He just got older and a bit wiser.

So for the final time I will say I loved this book, the series, and the characters. If you ever want to read something beautiful and educating this would be the series to read. It’s magnificent and a wonderful read. Rose Christo has done wonders with this series and I can’t help but praise her work. I recommend this series to everyone and anyone. Even those who don’t like MM romance should give these ago.

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