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White Knuckled Moments

White Knuckled Moments - Madeleine Ribbon I was so nervous about reading this book. When you read the blurb you would immediately think this will end with Cory dying. To be honest when I marked it as to-read I got a similar feeling. I won't spoil what happens, but I will say there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to give this book a shot. This was a beautiful story and I am not sorry I read it.

Cory is dying. He knows this and wants to live out his remaining time as best as he can. Sounds easy enough right? But what happens when a co-worker he likes wants to date him? Cory does his best to turn Tai down, he didn't want to start a relationship that would end. I admired the character for that, but I also wanted to slap him upside the head. When he relented I did an internal girlish dance.

Tai was a darling and I was so happy he wanted Cory. It was sweet when he found out the truth and still wanted Cory. The way he treated Cory and was willing to help Cory live out the rest of his life melted my heart. He was such a good, loving and supportive boyfriend. That was one thing I think Corey needed, someone to love him and not judge the decision's he made. Tai was that person.

Cory's family was... Well they were his family. Blake his brother, featured in the story a lot. I liked him once he wasn't being a jerk. I didn't like his parents, but I could understand some of the things they were going through. The rest of the family popped up once or twice, but not a lot. Tai's mother was my favourite supporting character and I would have loved to see her a little more.

So my final thoughts on this book are that it should be read. You might love it, like I did and if you don't you might take something out of it. I'm so glad I read it and I was happy with the story and how things played out. I think some people will get emotional reading this. I loved it and hope one day there will be a sequel... Sort of anyway.

Highly recommend this book!