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A Shadow of Wings

A Shadow of Wings - Linda Gayle This was a really nice, different shifter story. I haven't read a lot of them, but it definitely unique compared to the ones I have read before. I've never read a book with a cockatrice shifter before, so that was an added bonus. Plus I really liked the writing.

The story was simple enough in the beginning. Dylan gets attacked and Cam comes to his rescue. The first 70% I would say was really good and I loved it. They spent time bonding, getting to know each other, allowing the other to keep his secrets, etc. I liked that part of the story. They knew there were secrets, were upfront about it even, but there was no pressure from the other to spill his guts.

Then we got to the whole reveal and it was a bit strange for me. I will admit, it was kind of bizarre in places. But it didn't take from me enjoying the rest of the story. I just kind of got put off a couple of times with everything.

Another tiny little thing was Dylan's accent? I don't know if it was his accent or just the way he talked. It got kind of annoying at times. Especially because he did talk normally in other places. So I was just left wondering why he chose to talk like that at all.

Overall, it's a really good story and one I would read again.