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Texas Pride

Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander I am conflicted on this one. I loved it, but I hated other parts of it. Austin was my favourite MC. I truly loved him. Kitt, not so much. But I could say I didn't despise him. The story itself was interesting and drew me in to parts of it. After reading this I find myself asking a lot of internal questions.

Was Kitt an ass?
Did I like how he treated Sean and the Austin?
Did Austin deserve how Kitt treated him?
Was the ending satisfying for me?

My answer to those are still a bit fuzzy. This story has a slow pace to it. Don't expect to have a happy couple after the MC's get together. Don't expect a lot of loved up scenes. There were some, but not in the traditional sense.

This is not what I had expected when I picked it up. I knew Kitt wasn't out when I picked it up, but to be as deep in the closet as he was frustrated me. He would get to a certain point and then blow up. It was like watching a helium balloon. I was not sure how he would react to things.

Austin was a brilliant MC. He was so sweet, caring and devoted to Kitt. He never wavered. I expected him to get tired and walk out eventually, but he didn't. I wanted to beg him to leave Kitt sometimes. He deserves so much more than he was given in the beginning.

So overall I would recommend this book. It was not really my thing, but I did like the book. Everyone one else seemed to love it, so maybe it was just me.

My final thoughts on this book.