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A Beautiful Disaster

A Beautiful Disaster - Willa Okati I read books like these a lot. This is normally a story I would rave about and I thought I would like it. I couldn't say I even liked this book and okay was the kindest word I could use. When I read a romance it's because I want the characters to fall in love. Sadly, in this I can't say that they did.

I could tell you about the abuse and the reasons the two characters came together. I won't. I didn't feel the characters connect and I didn't feel the attraction. Others might have felt the connection but it was missing for me. To be honest the only thing I really felt was fear in the prologue.

The abuse was not actually shown, but some of the damage was described. Maybe the story would have benefited from it actually appearing in a scene. Even the actual event was skimmed and that is not something I like in a non YA book.

The story itself was short enough. I would say it was too short for the type of story being told. Having said that it was long enough considering the direction it took. Everyone has different tastes and maybe some would have been happy for it to go on, my brain would not have taken any longer though.

One of the main reasons I read romance is to have at least one scene in a stand alone where we hear the words "I love you" it was missing from this and that is the second book in two days where this has happened to em and it's getting on my nerves.

There was one thing I liked and that was how tattoo's were used in the story. I thought it was a beautiful way of describing them and I agreed with Riordan. It is a way of healing for some people and a way of taking back your body.

Sadly I cannot give this book any more than two stars. In no way should anyone not try it because of this review, but I would be wary of the missing feeling. Maybe someone else will find what I was looking for in this book.