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Into This River I Drown

Into This River I Drown - T.J. Klune Okay, this was one of the most emotional reads ever. I'm a girl who loves dark and depressing books, but it has to have a meaning for me. I can't read something that makes no sense. The cover drew me in originally. I thought it was beautiful the first time I saw it. Since then I have been nervous to read it. But as you can see I did read it, and I can tell you hand on heart I loved it!

Benji lost his father when he was 16. He drowned in a river and it was deemed an accident. Benji never believed this. He struggles for the 5 years that follow. His mother and his three aunts try to help, but they fail to help him. He feels lost and alone. He's angry and sad and grieving. We know he feels things that make him wonder, we see a lot and I felt everything. Then he meets Calliel, an angel and his life changes. The moments after Call arrived I was was laughing. It was funny to see Benj's reaction to things.

Cal doesn't remember how he got there. A lot of things he's forgotten are important things. He was there when Benj's father died, but he can't remember why. Everything is a mystery and even worse is the knowledge something bad is going on. Griggs was a cop in the town. He was also the one who said that Benj's dad's death was an accident. From an early stage people are lead to believe he is the bad guy. The mystery in this could be obvious, but the pain was what attracted me to it.

The love that develops between Cal and Benji was beautiful. I was holding out hope for them. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I would feel it. The way it turned out though broke my heart and made me hope. Hope that at the end there would be some sort of happy ending. In the end there was. It was a beautiful ending. This romance is not what people would call hot and heavy. it's sweet and loving. It has a lot of emotion and pain, but in the end it's love.

I loved the flashbacks in this. There were a few and even when I wasn't expecting them, they came. Some were so happy that I felt it helped me through the book. It never ruined the emotion. Not once did I lose touch with the emotion of the book. It was like being wrapped in emotion and allowing it to flow until the end. Even the death in this book was beautiful in the end. Because in the end this book made things seem perfect.

I highly recommend this story to fans of romance with a story that goes deeper. If you want to read something easy and that can be forgotten, this won't be the book for you. The pain in this book is real and raw, it can't be just stopped. It runs through the book right until the very end. The way it should be

This is at once the end and the beginning.
This is the story of my love of two men.
One is my father.
The other is a man who fell from the sky.

Highly recommend this beautiful story. It's a must read for me!