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Falling Off the Face of the Earth

Falling Off the Face of the Earth - J.F.  Smith Falling Off the Face of the Earth is the second JF Smith book I have read. The first one was [b:Latakia|13159887|Latakia|JF Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327947642s/13159887.jpg|18338594] and there is a third book, that I will try to read after this. This book was beautiful and at times painful. One of the things about this as well is there is a lot that happens. The saving grace for me was the humor. I laughed sometimes.

James was the main character and while I would consider another character (who I won't mention) a main character, James was the main focus of the story. His story was quite sad and at times I felt sorry for him, although he was clueless at the best of times. It killed me to know who he should end up with and then having to wait for it to happen.

This book wont be for everyone. I loved it though and I found myself enthralled in the lives of James and the other characters. I am a huge fan of JF Smith and cannot wait for more of his books.

Highly recommend it!