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Face Value

Face Value - R.J. Scott Face Value is the third installment of R.J. Scott's Sanctuary series. This book was just as good as the others and it was a bit... sweeter, than the last book. The couple was introduced in the last book and we got a bit more one on one in the beginning unlike the other books. I loved the newer dynamic of this book.

Kayden and Beckett met after Beckett was injured. Kayden was the doctor who looked after him and nursed him back to health in a sense. They were not like the last two couples which I did like. This story we got some exploration of the background of an MC. Beckett had to confront his past and the history of his family. It made for an interesting and slow paced relationship with Kayden. I loved how innocent he was, and Kayden? Kayden's unique...

Because of who Beckett is the Bullen saga was brought up again. In many ways this was a point in the series when you realised how far the Bullen's would go. It was sad to see how confused Beckett was with his heritage. One of the things I love about this series and the Bullen saga is that I am not getting lost in it. I'm able to follow and keep the couples separate.


For a series that keeps going and brings in new characters, this is one of the best. I don't feel overwhelmed when reading and it's got the right mixture of couples. So far there hasn't been a couple I haven't liked, and fingers crossed there wont be one. I would suggest people take the chance on this series, you never know if you'll love it.

Another book in the series I would highly recommend!