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Still Waters

Still Waters - R.J. Scott Still Waters is the fourth installment of R.J. Scott's Sanctuary series. This had an established relationship of sorts, which made this book different from the others. There was a love/hate relationship in this book and we got to explore a different side to this series. It's set up the next two books and that is something done subtly.

Adam and Lee knew each other years before this book. I loved the fact we found out some smaller things about the old relationship that admittedly, ended really badly and left both men angry, but for different reasons. The new relationship that was built here took a lot, walls had to be knocked down and trust had to be restored. Some of the things I loved about this couple I won't mention because it could give to much away.

The crime plot took an interesting turn here. There was a nice development and it meant that some things were set up for more in the series. What happened wasn't unbelievable and the betrayal that was the backbone of that is just what I like to see in a book. When a good plot like the Bullen case is involved with some nice romance I could fall in love easily, and with this series I have.


This series is just so easy for me to read. I love when I can get to the books and I like to read certain ones on different days. All the build up kills me and I would love to see how things turn out for these couples. I will revisit these books again once the series is wrapped up, but I hope that won't be for a long time.

Highly recommend this series!