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Full Circle

Full Circle - R.J. Scott Full Circle is the fifth installment in the Sanctuary by R.J. Scott. This time around we got Manny a guy who is always there, and has been in all of the Sanctuary books in some way. With this book we get another Dale and Joseph with a bit of extra cuteness that was really sweet to see. Normally a series gets boring around this point, but I am still begging for more books and to get more of the mystery.

Josh and Manny were the typical couple. At first it was hard to see how they would get together, I was worried about that. What we got was a slow burning romance that involved some cute scenes. I loved Manny and the way he pointed out not all small guys were bottoms. To be honest I wouldn't have guessed he was in the other books, in this one though he was an obvious top and his bossiness was kind of nice to read at times.

The Bullen case is still a major plot for the story, and in this book Manny's past helped them. We get some cool suspense that wasn't overly violent and it brought forward a lot of things in the story. I am a huge fan of this plot, it keeps me guessing but I never feel like I am reading double dutch. It's actually easy enough to follow if we pay attention. Josh had a bit of a role with this too, and it was to do with his father.

Sean Hansen from the last book was here and he even had a tiny part in this. It set's up the next book for his and Jake's story. Manny even mentioned Sean in this and it was kind of obvious that he had liked him, and the betrayal cut deep for that reason. Nick and Morgan were back too and that was nice.

I would say if you like a couple that does not rush into sex and can actually sleep together without having sex you would probably like this. I was not sure what to expect before I read and I got a feeling of something that could be left open. Maybe we will get a sequel for these two like with Dale and Joseph.


Highly recommend this series!