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The Journal Of Sanctuary One

The Journal Of Sanctuary One - R.J. Scott The Journal of Sanctuary One is the sixth installment of R.J. Scott's Sanctuary series. I think we all knew Jake and Sean needed a book and the fact it was together was even better. I loved this and was not disappointed with them at all. I have to admit this was filled with sexual tension for me. These two made me want to scream at the top of my lungs for the first half.

Sean and Jake have been in and out of this series. Jake has always seemed kind of sad and Sean was someone who hurt several characters. I actually was pretty pissed at him myself, but we (or I) quickly forgave him. The relationship with Jake was sweet with a sexy side that left me longing for them to stay together. I think they had a lot of chemistry and started something solid.


This had less to do with the Bullen's and more to do with why Sean did what he did and focused on who hired him etc... For the next book we got a glimpse of what will happen without anything being too obvious or out there. I liked how R.J. set's up her following books in the previous one. It makes things more exciting.

I have no complaints about this. I think if we had waited any longer for these two I would not have loved it. Too much time would have passed and I hate it when that happens. Of course we get another Dale and Joseph book next and I can't wait for that, but I am so glad these two got their story.

Another highly recommended book!