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Racing for the Sun

Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane This is one of the best Amy Lane book's I have ever read. This is one fucked up book at the best of times. I can't describe it any better really, there were so many things that would make people say hell no! There are some scenes that would test even the hardest of people and they did me, but I can honestly say it was worth all the pain and angst you get with this.

The MC's were both fucked up. I know it was more Sonny that had a screwed up life, but Ace was just as fucked up. I felt what Ace did for Sonny was one of the sweetest things about this book and that will say something because he did something most people would find evil and callus. Saying that Sonny was a very cold character and for a while I wondered if I would like him.

For those who want to know what Ace did for Sonny. He killed two men. One was more bloody than the other, but it was very graphic when they described it.

One of the men Ace killed was a man that abused Sonny and "claimed" him years before. He gave him to men and sexually abused him.

This was not a romantic or sappy read. It was dark and gritty. It packs a punch and can leave you feeling like you have walked into something that will end badly. I wanted for there to be a good, happy ending. I wanted it so badly I almost stopped reading this book and decided to wait to prepare myself.

The ending.It was a sunset HEA. Not overly mushy, but it was a solid happy ending with the promise of love.

I would gladly say this is a book worth reading. You might need a strong stomach for the mental images you could get during this and the relationship is not a normal one. But that is the charm of this book. It was great for me to read something like this and for it to be done well. Not just written, but done to a high standard.

Highly recommend it!