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Every Move He Makes

Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg 3.5 stars rounded up!

Okay, so as the minority who did't love this book, I feel I must put my thoughts into action with this one. I didn't hate it and maybe if it had been shorter, I would have liked it more. To be honest it was good and had some of my favourite things in it. Just, for me personally, this book wasn't amazing or wonderful.

Sticking with my minority, I genuinely loved Logan. Most preferred Zak and in some ways I could see why. For me though, it was Logan who captured my interest first. His life had not been easy and for me that felt true to his attitude and reactions to a lot of things. Logan's parents both died. His father first, followed by his mother who killed herself the day after Logan came out. His twin is autistic and he was left to care for him. He had to sell his body and drop out of school to support the family he had. Even before his parents died he was last in their thoughts.

Zak was a fun character and as screwed up as he was I liked him. There was a lot of pain in him and I believed it. I wasn't a fan of his man-whore past and it put me off him a little bit. Though I did like the way he was with Logan. There was a lot of things I found really nice about him, but equally annoying at times.

Part of the plot that got to me was the hot and cold aspect. Logan would make a move on Zak and then he would say it was an accident. Zak would say he doesn't kiss and then he would kiss or accept a kiss from Logan. It was constant and did get on my nerves just a bit. I would have liked more sex instead of just kissing for all the regret.

The crime part was the best part. I loved how that was added to Logan's past and Zak's problems. It was really good to see the action and Russian mafia parts. It was well developed and although I would have liked something more explosive, I did enjoy it. The ending was good, maybe it would have benefited from a longer ending?

Anyway, I would recommend this book. It's a good read, but not for everyone's tastes. I think a lot of people would enjoy it, like the ratings suggested. Just for me, it was a bit tough to get really into this book.