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Protecting Kayden

Protecting Kayden - Scarlet Blackwell I loved this book. It was sweet, maybe too sweet for some. Mason and Kayden were adorable together. I loved them as individual characters and as a couple. I was pissed at Mason in the beginning, but that quickly changed when they got together (sort of). It's not the most angsty book, it does have some though.

The story was nice and I liked Mickey, it was strange how he reacted in the beginning and then later in the book. Understandable I suppose when his career was on the line too. He was one of those secondary characters most people would skim over, but I liked him for the story. It showed a different prospective.

The ending was perfect for these two. I liked how it was dragged out instead of just ending on a couple of pages. I sometimes hate when we don't see enough of the wonderful ending of books. I would gladly read this again.

Highly recommend it!