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Mobsters and Miracles

Mobsters and Miracles - Lavinia Lewis Mobsters and Miracles is a really nice story about two cops who have been partners for a year. One is openly gay (Lucas) and the other is a closet bisexual man (Danny). Normally that would annoy me, but Danny's explanation that he had been with more women made sense to me.

There was a nice crime to be solved in this and it was dangerous. Both MC's ended up injured at one point or another. From the first chapter I was brought in and the romance was perfect too. It was the right amount of sweet and sappy for me but not overly if some are not into the sappy romance.

I kind of would love a sequel, the ending was great. But, I loved these characters and I can be quite greedy. Lucas was a great Protagonist. I was glad it was told in the first person narrative. I would have liked Danny's POV too, but he obviously loved Lucas so I'm good.

This is a must read for me!